Monday, January 17, 2011

Gilbere Forte' - Born In '87

Today, Gilbere Forte' begins the rollout for his next 'body of work' entitled "EYES OF VERITAS", a project that began as a 7-song EP and is now a 14-track mixtape. This go round, you'll see more of the collaborative side of Gilbere versus on "87 Dreams" where Gilbere himself did most of the singing, rapping, and producing. In the last year, he's met and built relationships with a slew of artists and producers and EYES OF VERITAS is the product of "let's get together and do something" actually happening.

The first release is a freestyle produced by Don Cannon, entitled "Born In 87", where Gilbere addresses the questions of his origin, publicizes the industry chatter and co-signs surrounding his name, and makes it clear that he's here and plans to be around for awhile -- "living out the life that Martin Luther had dreamed".


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