Monday, May 10, 2010

Journey Brave

Look out for this talented brother out of the ATL bringin some of that real hip hop is a lil bio on him and a couple of cuts from him...check him out on his myspace page and follow him on his twitter

-Journey (passage or progress from one stage to another)

-Brave (able or ready to face and endure danger, disgrace, or pain)

My government name is Jonny Banks and Journey Brave is my approach to life. Journey Brave is the positive force that drives me to be strong, my inner gladiator making me more than just a conqueror but a king; A king of my life and my legacy. Despite my trials and tribulations, I can be the best because of my ability to face and endure danger, disgrace, and pain. Journey Brave is the perspective of a warrior grounded on respect, discipline, and fearlessness.

Dream Big…Work Smart is one of my mottos, so I’m in the process of doing as much as I can to get to where I want to be, which is in the hearts and minds of millions. My goal is to encourage, inspire, discover, learn and create a movement of thought from sound.

“Change the channel of your mind to JB T.V. tuned in to my lines”

Journey Brave

Journey Brave and 9th wonder (Act Proof orig-1. Dig It).mp3 Download

The Ghost of Christopher Wallace Pt.2.mp3 Download

How I do.mp3 Download

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